Mind over money 

Unfortunately I find that these days people have become so overwhelmed by the sense of money that a good deed is usually very close to a source of income. Of course there are fundraising opportunities where deeds become more altruistic but it takes character and determination to stick by these projects and ask friends and families to pitch in. 

I remember very clearly in primary school being sat down in our main hall every tuesday ready to listen to the headteacher tell us stories. Those days we just thought that the stories were just that but as we know every story has meaning and one comes to mind rather vividly. 

‘A vicar preaches to his church congregation about a member who needs help at home with money to help support his family. They don’t have enough money to provide food, hot water or clean clothes for the children.  At the end of the service many people helped to contribute to help this family come through this hard time and provide for their children. At the very end a man from a poor background; shown through his worn out clothes, ill coloured skin and thin stature, offered everything he had in his pockets and said sorry it’s not more this is all I have’

This struck me at a young age that someone who was in need of help as much as this man was a hero for thinking of others and giving what he could to help this struggling family. I remind myself of this every time I think of the money advantages for a project I am about to start. If you love something buy it, if you see someone in need help them, if you find a way to make happiness take it. Happiness is hard to come by and if you have a way to give yourself or someone else happiness don’t think of the advantages or disadvantages of spending that money or your time just do it. Give happiness! Support those who needs it most. 


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