The darkest nights produce the brightest stars

Recently I went to New York and was fortunate to see finding neverland which is a new Broadway show. It is based upon a true story and has beautiful inspirational quotes and messages throughout. This show aptly named finding neverland, is based upon the life of James Barry and how he came up with the idea for Peter Pan and the famous neverland. 

Neverland, it transpires, is a land in which Barry believes he can travel to at any time to visit loved ones he’s lost. It’s beautiful way to deal with loss and to carry on involving them in everything you are doing. It is especially meaningful for children, and without wanting to reveal to much of the story, it is a way for them to deal with a death of a loved one and understand that they shall always love you and be proud of your achievements. 

The one line that really touched me in this story is the title of this blog – the darkest nights produce the brightest stars. It really helps in those times where you need something, anything to believe in to stand up and say I can do this. It’s a really powerful saying with wonderful imagery. I picture the darkest night with me looking up and out to what I can achieve shining brighter and brighter each time I believe in something more and makes me realise that I can achieve anything. This is possibly why this is my favourite show to date because for children I think this message is crucial for them to know whatever they are facing and even if they need just a little push that it all comes from within and we are stronger than we think. 

I believe this story is such a beautiful one showing in a very real way that although it can feel the whole world is against you or your ideas don’t matter, as long as you believe in them that’s what matters and will allow you to go far.

Every child should believe this in themselves so that they can achieve the great things they are destined to. 


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