starting my business

So a while ago I posted a blog about how the summer is the perfect time to volunteer and help those in need – it spured me on to do just that. I am so passionate about education and that every child has an equal chance to achieve their dreams and reach their potential. First of all I wanted to find somewhere who did exactly that – who helped children who were not given the best start in life to achieve more in education through extra support so they could do this. 

I fell in love with what TLG the education charity does for children – it takes children from disadvantaged backgrounds and helps them in education especially English and Maths with the support they need. Their website is covered in success stories about how children have been given help by them and been able to see what they can do. It shows them that they aren’t bad at education which is vital for these children to believe again after not being given the correct support or even be in school the amount of time they should. Most importantly they help children just like George and Bethany, these stories just highlight the magnificent work that this charity does with children who need a little extra help in education. 

In order to support this incredible charity I have started to make beautiful vintage candles in glass or tea cup holders at Shine the Lights. 70% of the money made will go straight to this charity to help other children just like George and Bethany. Each one of my candles in named after something beautiful or inspirational I have in my life to remind the buyer of something beautiful they have in their own life and that by purchasing one of these candles they are helping children inspire to something great. For example my favourite is ‘The Darkest Nights produce the the Brightest Stars’ I think it shows people that even when they’ve had a bad day that it’ll make them stronger and that tomorrow will come. 

I recently saw the broadway show – finding neverland. The one line that really touched me in this story is the name of this candle – the darkest nights produce the brightest stars. It really helps in those times where you need something, anything to believe in to stand up and say I can do this. It’s a really powerful saying with wonderful imagery. I picture the darkest night with me looking up and out to what I can achieve shining brighter and brighter each time I believe in something more and makes me realise that I can achieve anything. This is possibly why this is my favourite show to date because for children I think this message is crucial for them to know whatever they are facing and even if they need just a little push that it all comes from within and we are stronger than we think. 

So many more candles on my site are full of inspirational words of wisdom and anecdotes of things that have touched me in my life. I hope they will spur the people on who buy my candles and say thank you for doing such an amazing thing for children in the UK struggling in education. 

So if you are able to have a look at my website thank you and please show others – if you would like to buy any of them a HUGE thank you on behalf of myself, TLG and the children. 

If you want to find out more about the TLG charity do follow this link to their website –TLG website

All content from this blog has been used with permission from TLG the education charity. 


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