16 things the 4 year olds taught us about their development on “The secret life of…”

As I have a passion in child development psychology and specifically educational psychology “the secret life of…” has really opened up some key insight into the lives of 4, 5 and 6 year olds that have never before been seen in this way. In this blog I shall note the key things noted by the researchers that these 4 years olds are demonstrating. 

  1. Girls language development is 5 months ahead that of boys – this is shown to us through an argument between Tia and Jack in which language is key however Jack ends up copying all points that Tia makes due to his language development being behind 
  2. Children self segregate through gender at this age – shown by Charlotte and Jack being the team captains and the teams becoming boys vs girls 
  3. Rules are very important to the girls – boys just want to win! 
  4. All children copy what their parents say to them –“come here this instant”
  5. Difficult to share ideas 
  6. Accepting mistakes
  7. Testing the boundaries and the abstract concept of friendship – Tia feels left out of Lola and charlottes friendship so tests what being there friend means 
  8. Not complete control on regulating emotions 
  9. Interact with each other 
  10. Learn about others emotions 
  11. Girls are more interested in social relationships 
  12. Getting rid of their transitional object – cuddly toy
  13. Fantasy role play is a chance to experiment with no concepquences 
  14. Desires come before rules 
  15. Can’t respond to others emotions – prioritise own emotions 
  16. Empathising is a proc as of 2 steps forward 1 step back 

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