12 things that the 5 year olds taught us about their development on “the secret life of…”

It is such an insight into these children lives to see their developments in preschool and school which until now has remained a secret. You are able to see the interactions that they have with the other children that enables the development that parents never get to see. Usually children will come home and say they can’t remember what they did as a day seems like an age due to just how much they learn in a day. This way you can see every conversation every fall out and friendship that unfolds and the reactions these children have which will shape their future development. In this secret world this week the 5 year olds learnt:

  1. Much more aware of others and group dynamics
  2. Both imaginary and and real life scenario play
  3. Don’t care about doing wrong but do care about getting caught 
  4. Lying!! – the boys trying to lie that a giant bird ruined the cake 
  5. Understand how to comfort another when they are upset
  6. Learning to moderate behaviour to mend friendships
  7. No team cohesion -sharing ideas
  8. Understand friendship and its value
  9. Harder to be friend with more than two as means more empathising 
  10. Less segregating by gender 
  11. Development of theory of mind 
  12. Operating a group 

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