5 easy things to do to de-stress

  1. get headspace – this app is brilliant and is free for the first 10 days. In the first 10 days it takes you through 10 bitesize 10 minute mediation workshops to allow you to breathe and gain methods of getting some headspace. If you find this beneficial then they suggest it is time to get a subscription. Through the subscription it becomes more specific for what you need either relationships, anxiety and focus. Although this may seem a little much it comes with a lovely heart warming gift – another subscription for someone in need. That way when you are in need of help and destressing through headspace you can always know that you are not alone and at the same time you are helping another person who is needing help.
How it works

2. get a hobby – this could be absolutely anything as long as it is something you love and you find therapeutic not stressful. Some examples include painting, drawing, or making candles.

3. go out for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner at least once a month – find your favourite place and make an effort to go there perhaps after a stressful week or just when you find the time. This could be on your own, with your best friend or partner or with a different person every time. This will just give you something to look forward to.

4. exercise – now I don’t mean to start going to the gym or anything like that, just set up a weekly walk around your local woods/ park or even your block. There are two good effects that come from this – 1. you take time out of your stressful day to think about yourself 2. it releases good hormones such as dopamine which is good for your mind and your body. It doesn’t even have to be a walk other options are – swim/ jog/ charity 5k/ gymnastics/ netball

5. eat well!!! – this may be the most important and when stressed this can be the easiest thing to neglect. Remember you still need to eat every food group even though carbs and “ping it” microwave meals will seem the easiest. There are 2 important facts to take from what is the best thing to eat.

  • Fruit is the best food for brain energy
  • Proper Meals – breakfast sets you up for the day and dinner reviving the energy spent revising or working hard during the day




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