The process of changing a fixed mindset

For many years, and even echoed through some of my blog posts, I have had the opinion that any child, student and adult can do anything that they set their mind to.

I still believe this firmly but after reading Carol Dwecks mindset book it has shown me that I don’t believe this about myself. I have a fixed mindset for myself and think in a way that I will always stay at a certain ability and never go beyond this.


5 steps I am taking to get a growth mindset 

1. using head space the app to de-stress over assignments and exams

Try it here

2. going to workshops to better my weaknesses such as writing workshops

3. I CANT – does not exist

4. using past assignments and exams feedback to understand where I went wrong the first time to work on this

5.  recognising that you have a choice – it is a choice to believe that weaknesses are set backs therefore it is also a choice to ignore these, rise above them and exceed the doubts



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