Should bad parents be allowed to work in a caring environment

Here is another controversial blog which again has no resemblance of any political or new laws being passed. This has just stemmed from a conversation around the table with family. Opinions are greatly appreciated if sensitive to the subject at hand.

Social services are a company that help children and vulnerable adults when they are in dangerous or harming environments. The social services may become involved within a family due to the following reasons according to the social services website.

  • A family may request family support services from social services at times of stress or for help regarding a particular child or family problem. A teacher or GP can make this request on their behalf.
  • Children’s and adults’ social care services can help parents and relatives who are disabled or who are caring for disabled children, including providing ‘short break’ services (inside or outside of the home).
  • There might be child protection issues for the child(ren), including cases where violence between adults could result in harm to the children.
  • The parent may request that a child be temporarily placed in foster care or residential care as an emergency to help with their child’s challenging behaviour, or to provide a planned break or a series of short breaks at a time of particular stress.
  • Where children are taken into care following emergency intervention by the police or a court order.
  • Where a child is placed for adoption, sometimes at the request of the parent but more often following a court order when the child is already in care.
  • To help families assess any problems that are affecting the children and signpost them to appropriate community-based support and services.

Many reasons that social services would get involved are due to the parent not understanding or neglecting the needs of the child so someone must intervene to help the child develop naturally and be protected from physical or emotional harm.

When parents with a social services history then look for jobs the type of jobs that are readily available are caring either in care homes or elderly homes. Due to the nature of the work and the lack of qualifications needed to perform the job, it is the most sought after by this population. If a parent has had previous involvement with child and vulnerable adult services they have to seek approval from social services in order to apply for jobs such as these.

Now, in social services it is under the assumption that these parents have the right to work with children and vulnerable adults in a care setting as they will be under supervision at all times and will have the necessary training. However, I am not sure if I completely agree with this statement. There are situations that under no amount of planning can be controlled such that people will always be under supervision, furthermore this shouldn’t be under the responsibility of another worker. Surely everyone employed should have equal opportunities and trust within the company.

Adults who have been harmful to their own children, someone they are most likely to treat with respect and care, then this would replicate in a professional environment regardless of targets and supervision. If someone has the personality to harm or neglect a vulnerable other then there is no knowing when and if they are to do this again. Of course these comments are very derogatory but we are talking about the care of children and vulnerable adults and the introduction of staff with history of maltreatment to this group. Surely children and vulnerable adults need extensive care and staff who would never dream of such treatment let alone having done it to their own children.

Perhaps new methods should be introduced for these situations, as neither is it fair to deny parents who have wronged in the past who are now trying to turn their lives around of working. Methods may include things such as training courses or equivalents to community service to show that they have reform and would never harm/ abuse or neglect again.


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