Jarek’s Story

Jarek’s story started with him being kicked out of school and he sought the help from TLG. He feels that coming to TLG has been the start of a transition from the old him to the “new one”. The most significant change is that he is learning why and how he would act out, how to stop this and what to do instead.

Jarek likes having the ability to learn the right and wrong things to do without the scare of being let down or asked to leave because of his behaviour when he just trying to learn how to fit in amongst hard things in his background. He know has been able to dream about his future and enable it to become reality. He plans to go university and by the age of 35 he wishes to have his own company. These are inspirational goals and only achievable through Jarek’s determination and the unaltered support from TLG.

These stories are so inspirational and can show that even with a little bit of care and sense of security children can thrive and strive to things that would never have been expected from their upbringings. Projects such as TLG help those in need and really help these children to develop and achieve everything they have the potential too.

All of Jarek’s story can be seen at http://www.tlg.org.uk/web and have been written about here with permission.

Click here for Jarek’s Story


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