Zainab’s TLG Story

Zainab is currently a 23 year old intern at TLG. She grew up without either of her parents and so feels that she has a piece of her missing which she can’t move on. In year 10 she was also told that she would amount to nothing so she felt there was no point trying if even the teachers had given up on her.

TLG has completely turned that around – she has people who care for her and still look out for her today. TLG ensured that she didn’t turn out to be exactly how the teachers thought – she was able to surpass these expectations and achieve everything she was born to despite the hard start.

Zainab was able to find hope through reading a bible her cousin had given her and through her understanding of Christianity she felt as though she had been welcomed home. She was able to concentrate on her future knowing she had a home and a family in TLG and Christianity.

These stories are so inspirational and can show that even with a little bit of care and sense of security children can thrive and strive to things that would never have been expected from their upbringings. Projects such as TLG help those in need and really help these children to develop and achieve everything they have the potential too.

All of Zainab’s story can be seen at and have been written about here with permission.

Click here for Zainab’s Story


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