Xavier’s Story

Xavier self admits that he wouldn’t listen in lessons and therefore would get into trouble a lot. He would also not focus on his work, not listen to the teachers and started to fall behind. Xavier would also get overly caught up in things that he didn’t need to. This would include getting into fights with other students which he eventually got excluded for. This is when he got sent to TLG.

One of the things that Xavier came to TLG to learn was how to control his anger. He enrolled in anger management classes and is now able to focus and control his anger successfully. Through the help from TLG, Xavier has now been able to plan his dream and put it into action by either being an athlete or a footballer. Xavier feels that his biggest achievement has been listening to teachers and being able to focus on what he should be doing.

These stories are so inspirational and can show that even with a little bit of care and sense of security children can thrive and strive to things that would never have been expected from their upbringings. Projects such as TLG help those in need and really help these children to develop and achieve everything they have the potential too.

All of Krishna’s story can be seen at http://www.tlg.org.uk/web and have been written about here with permission.

Click here for Xavier’s Story


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