Ronan’s Story

Ronan had to move to the other side of Nottingham which subsequently meant that he had to move schools. Not knowing anyone at the school or in the area, Ronan found this really tough to settle in. He found it very difficult to make friends and so he would play up to get there attention.

Playing up frequently and becoming the class clown didnt do him any favours in regards to education and he began to fall behind due to this bad behaviour. He feels that for these reasons TLG has been a learning curve. Ronan can now know how to behave and what to work for in the future. His behaviour has changed a lot and he feels that he has become a better person because of the help and support he has received at TLG.

Ronan feels that his biggest achievement is finding a job. He has now got a future plan that is achievable thanks to TLG – he can get an apprenticeship and go on to a full time job thanks to TLG and there support in helping to get Ronan the qualifications he needs.

These stories are so inspirational and can show that even with a little bit of care and sense of security children can thrive and strive to things that would never have been expected from their upbringings. Projects such as TLG help those in need and really help these children to develop and achieve everything they have the potential too.

All of Ronan’s story can be seen at and have been written about here with permission.

Click here for Ronan’s Story


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