Bethany’s Story

Bethany loves to dance, it is a hobby that is rooted in her family starting with her nanna which Bethany and her sister now love to do with her. From a young age Bethany was a good pupil and coped well at school. However, when Bethany went into Secondary school everything seemed to change when she made new friends, specifically “the wrong kind of people”. Bethany would end up in trouble with these friends and as she says it was more to show off. She shut herself off from her family, specifically her mum, keeping everything bottled up.

TLG has helped her a lot, she has learnt more and knows more about both education and herself which helps her massively in life to achieve her potential. The staff have been amazing for her as they are not just teachers, but they are her friends too – they can be there for her to guide her through. With TLG’s help she has been able to pick up her grades at school, she still can have her moments but things have drastically picked up from her time before TLG.

Even her mum has noticed the difference, she’s changed a lot and is much happier, doing well at school and causing less problems.

These stories are so inspirational and can show that even with a little bit of care and sense of security children can thrive and strive to things that would never have been expected from their upbringings. Projects such as TLG help those in need and really help these children to develop and achieve everything they have the potential too.

All of Ronan’s story can be seen at and have been written about here with permission.

Click here for Bethany’s Story



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