the dreaded word…


So.. for University Students certainly, it is coming up to exam term. We have gone home for Easter ready to relax from a tough second term, always seems that way doesn’t it! Well, this year my Easter break is going to consist of lots of celebrations as I have handed in my Dissertation!!!! (if you would like to see what my work was I shall be doing a blog soon). This blog will go through top tips for revision (and breaks – and learning that not all breaks are procrastination).

  1. Its not what – Its how! This is the same argument as ‘it’s quality not quantity’ just remember that if someone tells you that they’ve doing 10 hours of revision a day, dont compare your 4 hours! Everyone works at different speeds and so for you and your friend the time used may be perfect for you to grasp the same concept, or cover the same amount of lectures. Just remember the quality!

its how

2. Organise! – Now here I don’t just mean say that one week you shall do one module and the next week another module – this needs to be strategic! Pick your worst module or lecture and dedicate more time to it! You will want to concentrate on all but if you spend more time on a difficult section then chances is if it comes up then you will actually feel more confident about it and pick that question.

3. 45 minutes is the max time for concentration – so stretch make a cup of tea and have a biscuit, you deserve it!

4. At least once a week do something just for you – a bath, a painting, scrapbooking something that will take the whole afternoon or morning so you will not think about exams (try not to watch TV as this is something you’d do on the evening anyway so may not feel like a relaxing time for you)

5. At least once a week spend time with your family – this will remind you that at the end of the day there are more important things than exams! Yes exams are very important and set you up for life but you wouldn’t be anywhere without your families support.

6. At least once a week spend time with your friends – for those who are not so close with their families, friends may have been your lifeline. They have been with you at the good and bad times and you don’t know where you’d be without them. Remind yourself why your so close and have time just you and them.

8. Eat and drink well – I would find it very easy during the revision process to get so engrossed in my revision timetable that I wouldn’t think I had enough time to eat! You always have enough time to eat! And it must be something substantial, it is very important to get the right amount of nutrients as your brain will be working harder than ever and so needs replenishing more often.

9. Sleep 8 hours a day! 8 hours is just enough, any less and your brain won’t have rested, any more your brain will not work as well the next day.

10. Find what structure works best for you – I find that a 9-5 day works best. What does for you? Do you prefer to work in the morning, or the evening. Also do you like to work straight though or to do it in shifts (may be more feasible with holiday jobs and experience). Find what works and stick to it!

11. Plan a celebration for afterwards – this could be a meal with your nearest and dearest or even a holiday! – you can even have time out of your week to plan this to increase motivation to do well and finish.

12. Last of all GOOD LUCK!



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