New Begginnings 

In September 2016 I started my very first ‘proper’ job. I work as a learning support worker at a school for children with autism. The children are….

As a child at a school I would always feel I was up against a barrier. As you’ve probably noted from this blog and my others, grammar isn’t my strong point. At school essays would always come back with huge red marks on them saying they didn’t understand the paragraph or that it was too vague. My brain works faster than my fingers can type meaning huge chunks of ideas would get lost along the way. However when I read it to them I would find myself filling in the gaps… Something I could never see before submitting the essay. This trend followed from primary, secondary school, college and then university. No matter how hard I tried or how many meetings with academic staff I had it wouldnt change. Every piece of work I handed in came back with the same red stamp.

Now my barrier is not a diagnosis or a symptom of a disorder, mine is just a feeling. This is something I can’t get my head round. My feeling is something that is just so compleyely incomparable to what the children I work with face on a daily basis. I’ve been through heartache, misery and jubilation at trying and trying and trying again but not getting anywhere and then one day for one moment it clicks. After that though it circles and your back at stage 1. 

I had immense support from people who saw my barrier and strived to get my ideas out of head and onto the page. that got me to where I am today, a honors degree in psychology. 

If we wanted to compare I suppose my barrier would be getting through a locked door, I just had to find the right key. The barriers these children have to face are huge walls with high security fencing making it harder to push through the barriers. These high security walls arnt filled with academics ready to help. They are filled with people in society pushing those with learning disabilities back. Seems like such an injustice. Especially to those children I work with that have such a determination and drive to do well in school to be independent and get a job to be pushed back again and again for not meeting high standards against typically developing children. For all the help I got I want to give back and give these children what they deserve. Somebody who will fight in their corner to help them get where they would like in life. Give the same support and guidance as I was given. Help them get to where they deserve.


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